Real Estate

Troiano & Roberts P.A. provides a full range of legal services relating to real estate transactions throughout the State of Florida including purchase, sale, leasing and financing transactions.

Our attorneys and staff are able to provide a fully integrated approach to our individual and business clients so that those clients will have the benefit of our complete assistance from the time they identify the property or at the inception of the transaction, through the negotiation and contract preparation stage, the due diligence investigations, financing arrangements, the issuance of title insurance and the closing of the transaction. We can also prepare leases related to that property and set up any type of business entity which may be advisable for the client’s ownership of the property acquired.

Our attorneys are prepared to address the needs of our clients with regard to disputes or litigation that may be related to their ownership or use of real property such as title issues, landlord and tenant matters, construction and mortgage lien foreclosures and contractual disputes.


Some of the areas in which we represent property owners and property purchasers are as follows:

  • Residential and Commercial Purchases, Sales and Refinances
  • Negotiation, Examination and Drafting of Purchase Contracts
  • Representation at Closings
  • Title Searches and Title Insurance Claims
  • Mobile Home Park Acquisitions and Sales
  • Mortgage and Lien Foreclosures
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Easements
  • Condemnation Proceedings
  • Preparation of Residential and Commercial Leases
  • Landlord/Tenant issues and disputes, including Evictions, Ejectment and Partition
  • Contractor Liens

Working with a qualified real estate attorney is a preventative measure that can make all the difference in how your interests are protected, how quickly your real estate transaction is completed and how satisfied you are with results you obtain.  Real estate matters tend to involve a vast amount of negotiation, paperwork, and legal issues for all parties involved. Although title companies may perform closings, they cannot provide you with the legal advice that you may need in the process of completing your transaction. Our licensed attorneys represent YOU in the transaction and protect YOUR rights and interests. In most circumstances, our charges are no greater than that of a title company but you also get the added benefit of having the oversight and protection provided by a licensed Florida attorney. The Law Office of Troiano & Roberts, P.A., can address all of your real estate needs by providing you with quality service at a fair price.