Elder Law

Aging is one of facts of life. Unfortunately, most people never plan their lives to encompass the realities of living into their seventies, eighties and beyond. Much of the time, the families of the elder person are left attempting to “plan” for the elder person after the fact. By then, the options are often limited, fall short of a good solution, and can be expensive. That is why the attorneys at Troiano & Roberts encourage all of our clients to look at their present situation and try assist with a plan to take care of elder issues before they arise.

We are experienced with estate planning techniques, health and personal care planning, fiduciary representation, financial planning, residential ownership, long term care planning and Medicaid qualification, Veteran’s assistance, income trusts, asset and income protection, and a host of other elder issues. This area of law is constantly changing and we try to ensure that our attorneys remain completely up to date with these changing laws so that we can better advise our clients. At Troiano & Roberts, we think that our seniors are a precious family asset and our firm will work with them and their families to best insure the most successful transition into the elder’s “golden” years.